Finally got round to moving

Finally got round to moving the new pc (which I bought before Christmas) nearer the phone and Hal is now live! Changeover went well -just having to download all the Microsoft Critical Updates – scary how many there have been in the past three months!   
Well apparently I’ve won a copy of NetTweak Pro v3.42 (worth about £15) – so we’ll see how good it is!   
Found a link to a list of programs that are started on your computer and whether they are needed or not. Ran through my computer and I’ve killed off about ten programs! Should make it load a lot faster.   
grrrrrr – can’t sleep so thought I’d do some editing on the web page. Added some script to detect for parasites such as the comet cursor. If you have this installed on your pc then you should get a warning on the right of your screen.