Well after a week or

Well after a week or so on this new computer I have been experiencing locksups after about an hour with 100% cpu usage. Wasn’t sure whether it was the new email client, the firewall or being connected to the internet. Took Kerio firewall off the computer last night and it ran for over 12 hours with no problem, so after a brief flirtation – goodbye Kerio, welcome back ZoneAlarm

Postman delivered a very nice

Postman delivered a very nice parcel of two Newsboys albums. I got Thrive which includes a song that starts off with loads of Whoo Hoo’s ! Also Love Liberty Disco which I’ve not had chance to listen to yet but which managed to be released without me hearing about it!   
Watched A Knights Tale on DVD last night and although I wasn’t looking forward to it, it was a really funny, refreshing film. The music is really bad, with “modern” rock throughout a medieval setting, but you can play “Spot the Parody” – well worth watching, and there are some funny deleted scenes on the DVD too!   

Have made contact with my

Have made contact with my flying bloke, so hopefully I’ll be posting some pictures from the skys above my house in the next couple of weeks!
Hard workout at the gym this morning, with an 8 minute run on the treadmill which left me shattered – still it’s 2 minutes more than previous so I’m getting there! Down to 12.5 stone now too!

I’ve been shopping! Went to

I’ve been shopping! Went to Bowlers computer fair and try as I might I was just not able to purchase a HP DeskJet 940C. Went back to Dixons where they are the cheapest I’ve seen (even though I hate buying from them) and they didn’t have any – hope to get one from Crewe on Monday! Also got a USB hub to plug the new printer, the camera, the camera card reader and a scanner in all at once, and also a KVM switch for the old NT server and old desktop machine so I don’t have to keep unplugging keyboards.

Now I’m off to an “International Food Night” in Sandbach!

See ya!