I’ve been shopping! Went to

I’ve been shopping! Went to Bowlers computer fair and try as I might I was just not able to purchase a HP DeskJet 940C. Went back to Dixons where they are the cheapest I’ve seen (even though I hate buying from them) and they didn’t have any – hope to get one from Crewe on Monday! Also got a USB hub to plug the new printer, the camera, the camera card reader and a scanner in all at once, and also a KVM switch for the old NT server and old desktop machine so I don’t have to keep unplugging keyboards.

Now I’m off to an “International Food Night” in Sandbach!

See ya!

From This Is True, a

From This Is True, a very funny weekly newsletter about all the wacky things that go on in this world, was an Honory unsubscribe for a person who died on my birthday but had made some good inventions. He had an unfortunate name, but information on him is this:-

Dr. Rudolf Hell. An inventor, in 1927 Hell invented a radio direction finder that allowed pilots to navigate by tuning in to radio towers. In 1929 he came up with a
process to break up images into a digital stream which could be transmitted over a telephone lines and converted back to an image at a remote location — the Hellschreiber (“Hell Recorder”) was one of the first workable fax machines. In 1954 he invented an electronically controlled engraver, which made it easier for newspapers to publish
photos. In 1963, he invented a color scanner, and in 1964 he invented the first digital typesetter, making lead typefaces obsolete. His company later merged with Linotype, which was renamed Linotype-Hell. He died March 11 in Kiel, Germany at age 100.

ConquerCam has an update –

ConquerCam has an update – couple of bugfixes and one security fix so definately worth patching from here   
Today is the last day I can be referred to as a 20 something – celebrated by sleeping in this morning and not waking up until gone 10am which kind of makes up for the 4am start on Saturday when I couldn’t sleep. Had a good day out yesterday with my sister and her husband at Buxton   

Finally got round to moving

Finally got round to moving the new pc (which I bought before Christmas) nearer the phone and Hal is now live! Changeover went well -just having to download all the Microsoft Critical Updates – scary how many there have been in the past three months!   
Well apparently I’ve won a copy of NetTweak Pro v3.42 (worth about £15) – so we’ll see how good it is!   
Found a link to a list of programs that are started on your computer and whether they are needed or not. Ran through my computer and I’ve killed off about ten programs! Should make it load a lot faster.   
grrrrrr – can’t sleep so thought I’d do some editing on the web page. Added some script to detect for parasites such as the comet cursor. If you have this installed on your pc then you should get a warning on the right of your screen.   

Well with everything basically working,

Well with everything basically working, switched over the home page so welcome folks! I’m off to bed   

Now have Tabeditor fully working and a page referral program so I can see where people are coming in from! Hard bit of coding and debugging but its been interesting work

Speaking of work – its been a very busy day today with one person chmodding all the files in the root directory downwards and then all the phones and internet connections have been off. At least it was nice and quiet and hassle free from external people!