Would you Adam ‘n Eve

Would you Adam ‘n Eve it! Woke up yesterday morning to discover we had no water! Kristen’s first thought was to call the plumber back! Checked the water and we had no water. Eventually rang the water company (after having to go online first to get the phone number!) and discovered it would be off until 6pm (turns out it was off until 10pm!) so we had great fun trying not to use the loo all day! Had a nice meal out at a friends house and I had a go at archery – good fun and I have a straight eye – although consistently aiming high. My fingers hurt this morning from pulling the string back though!

Also found a new email

Also found a new email washer program. This enables you to automatically bounce spam emails back to the senders by checking against various spam lists. The only downside to that is that a lot of them use fake emails…still it marks your email address as invalid to the legit (if thats possible) spammers. Mailwasher. Can’t remember where I found the link to this.

Got a new phone on

Got a new phone on Thursday with work – a Nokia 6210 – spent Thursday evening getting some tunes downloaded (and composing my own) and playing around with it – its really good! Shame that there is a free offer for a badge which expires on Sunday, but the web site doesn’t accept uk registrations or my id 🙁