Microsoft’s antispyware results

Its a good job that noone in our office has run the antispyware beta apart from me as when I ran it on my machine it detected 10 spyware applications – most of them as false positives. The scariest thing is that it detects our vpn software as timbuktu pro. Now if our users decided to delete it…….

The other false positives are a unix “cat” program that is detected as a porndialer,tightvnc and realvnc,startnow (actually gfi languard scanner)
The other positives that may or not be false are edonkey2000,euniverse updater,xferpro

I don’t think i’ve ever installed edonkey, xferpro is a registry association for .xx files. Euniverse points to hklm\software\vendor\xml which does contain a string of garbage, very suspicious.

Due to the number of false positives and the fact that its just picked up registry extensions, i’m going to leave the xferpro and euniverse on the system but will delete edonkey,twaintech and incredifind only.


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