Does your ISP spy on you?

Listening to Security Now a few weeks ago they had a couple of podcasts (sn153 and sn151 about isp’s using software such as phorm or nebuad to track the surfing habits of their users. Thanks to LightBulb Interactive, who just happens to be a local blogger, I have discovered a list of isps that have admitted to this over at Silicon Alley Insider.
Time Warner was not on the list but WOW cable was (which is a bit worrying) – I’ll pass this information on to a couple of my work colleagues.

Roadrunner ip changes

I’ve been in this house for almost two years and today my ip address changed with RoadRunner. I only noticed as the router didn’t have connectivity this morning when I woke up. A reboot later and I’m on a completely different subnet. I was 65.24.119 but now have a 75.185 address. Interesting that the change of ip address happened at the same time I lost connectivity – you would have thought that the proper use of dhcp would have prevented this from happening. With I can still reach the computer by its and that was working less than 20 seconds after reconnecting. Good old dd-wrt!