Weatherbug alternative

It is amazing the number of people who install weatherbug on their machines – I suppose it doesn’t help that major news programs promote it when doing their weather slot (every 3 minutes). In the past weatherbug have had some pretty dodgy adware practises (just search google)- I’m not sure if they still do but thats a good reason not to use it again.
However, several years ago I came across WeatherWatcher as a freeware alternative with no popups, spam of email addresses or anything else dodgy. As I now have a “business need” to replace weatherbug, this will do the trick nicely. As the settings are saved in the registry under HKCU, I think I can even set it up as I like on my machine, and then export the registry key and import it into other local users who will have the same zipcode (or changing the zipcode should be one entry in the exported reg file)


  1. Bryan Price

    Dang it!

    I meant to mention that I just use ForecastFox, which is an extension to Firefox. As long as I have Firefox open, I know what the weather is going to be like.

  2. me

    Thanks for the comment – the reason I didn’t go down the forecastfox route is that for managability reasons I can’t put firefox on the network until firefox has decent group policy controls. I know there were some efforts to get a group policy template but I don’t think it was every really up to date (but this is only vague memories). I have enough problems locking down the pc’s without installing extra software! For my own personal use, forecast was pretty good although from my memory it took up a bit more room in my browser status bar (which is already half my screen width)

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