gmail issues?

Anyone having problems accessing their gmail recently? I can log in, but clicking on an email doesn’t do anything (apart from make it unread) OR I get a warning that a script on this page is taking too long to run,do I wish to continue (when using firefox). The problem occurs on two machines that I’ve used and also occurs in internet explorer (so it is not related to any firefox extensions). Also occurs on two different networks (home and office lan). Just wondered if anyone else was having the same issue – I know it’s not site wide as someone else from the office can access their email account ok.
In the meantime, If you’ve sent me an email – you’ll have to wait for a reply…..
Update I worked out what the problem was – yesterday I followed some instructions on enabling Miranda and gmail so that I could talk to msn users on the blackberry. However I think this was bogging down my contact information in gmail as it tried to get the status updates of my buddies in msn. I actually found that this integration didn’t work very well anyway, so I wanted to remove this setup and promptly found my gmail is back to normal.


  1. Bryan Price

    Nope. I’ve been actively using it, and no hickups for me.

    Searching with Google with Firefox is problematic for me, because the Javascript on that page (and I think it depends on what Google is sending me on that search page), and I get a hung Javascript that has to time out. Trying to use the debugger even means a hung browser till it times out. My IE works fine, so I’ve been using that for my Google searches.

    Something about this installation of Firefox, I don’t have the problem with other machine’s Firefox. I was going to do a complete reinstall on this box because USB had decided to stop working (but mouse and keyboard kept working!), but moving the machine and evidently swapping the mouse and keyboard cords around (they had to be found/reinstalled when I turned the machine on again) fixed that problem, so now I can print and connect my phone, camera, and whatever.

    /shrug. Go figure.

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