Month: June 2007

List RAS users in Windows 2003

I had the need to quickly list the users who had DialIn access to the domain. This can be achieved using the netsh command. More details can be found in the Help and Support Center for “netsh commands for remote access” but the command line you need is netsh ras show user mode=report >ras.txt (assuming you want the file exported to ras.txt

Windows Live Writer working now.

Thanks to Neil and Bryan, I’ve solved the problem I had and got Windows Live Writer working with MovableType now. When you set up a user in MT you set up a Web Services Password for each user. This is not the same as the one used for your standard login. The details can be found by going to the Main Menu, System Overview, Authors and then selecting your username. Down at the bottom is the information required with a reveal button to show the password. Thanks guys!

Getting a Samsung IP-830W to activesync.

After receiving a Samsung IP830W to allow international access to exchange, I had a big headache getting the device to sync with the exchange server.
The initial problem was caused by the SSL certificate having expired on the exchange server. Normal browsers can just hit the ok button to continue, but Windows Mobile5 will refuse to sync unless this is fixed.
Rather than purchase a new SSL certificate and wait the couple of weeks for Verisign or Network Solutions to provide me a certificate (this was needed *now*) I did some research and came up with the website SSL Enabling OWA 2003 using a free 3rd party certificate. Following the instructions was very simple and after a few minutes I had the certificate installed on the server. However the Windows Mobile Device would not accept the certificate! More research later the solution seemed to be to copy the cert file to the device and double click it but this still didn’t work.
In the end I copied the ca.cer file to my pc and then used the infrared connection to copy it to the device. This got around the previous problem I had with the certificate programs not recognising the previous certificate I had BUT I then got the issue “Security permission was insufficient to update your device”.
Whilst I was doing this I was on the phone with Sprint (on hold) for twenty minutes and at this point they answered the phone and were useless. They admitted they hadn’t had any training on this, that no certificates were allowed to be installed on the device and to contact Microsoft. I hung up on the guy as he obviously had no clue and downloaded the RegeditSTG file from Bernt Lervik. Using the instructions at Bernt’s site I edited the registry to allow the certificate to be installed. I did have to extract the zip file first and copy the exe file across as opposed to the zip file. Note that in order to expand the branches I had to use the center key within the rocker switch as the stylus/enter key wouldn’t work.
Start regeditSTG and navigate to the hive key HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies
Change the following three registry keys (hint: hit Values first)
a. 00001001 to 1 (was 2)
b. 00001005 to 40 (was 16)
c. 00001017 to 144 (was 128)
After that I was able to double click the ca.cer file to install it, and then start the activesync process with exchange.

Hope this (convuluted) solution will help any other users and me the next time I have to do this certification dance.

Windows Live Writer to MovableType

For some reason, my installation of Windows Liver Writer will not allow me to select any of my other MT blogs (apart from the main one) when I go to set up an account. Instead I get the not useful error message “An error occurred while attempting to connect to your weblog: Blog Server Error – Server Error 1 Occurred Invalid Login You must correct this error before proceeding.”

I know the password is correct as I’ve just used it to log into the system.

Another annoyance is the version number of WLW. Help/About displays the following version – 1.0 (12.0.1183.516) – nowhere does it mention that this is beta2. As the WLW website also doesn’t tell you which build Beta2 is, it is pretty hard to tell whether you are on the latest version or not.

gmail issues?

Anyone having problems accessing their gmail recently? I can log in, but clicking on an email doesn’t do anything (apart from make it unread) OR I get a warning that a script on this page is taking too long to run,do I wish to continue (when using firefox). The problem occurs on two machines that I’ve used and also occurs in internet explorer (so it is not related to any firefox extensions). Also occurs on two different networks (home and office lan). Just wondered if anyone else was having the same issue – I know it’s not site wide as someone else from the office can access their email account ok.
In the meantime, If you’ve sent me an email – you’ll have to wait for a reply…..
Update I worked out what the problem was – yesterday I followed some instructions on enabling Miranda and gmail so that I could talk to msn users on the blackberry. However I think this was bogging down my contact information in gmail as it tried to get the status updates of my buddies in msn. I actually found that this integration didn’t work very well anyway, so I wanted to remove this setup and promptly found my gmail is back to normal.

Virtual pc 2007 images incompatible with vmware player

I had downloaded the Vista vhd image from microsoft but wanted to use vmware player as I already had that installed on the home pc and vmware tends to be quicker than virtual pc but vmware is unable to convert the image which it has been able to do before. In fact when doing an SBS migration I had to convert from virtual server to vmware when virtual server stopped being able to access the image for some reason.
Anyway, it turns out that 2007 versions of image files are not compatible with the vmware player 🙁