Firefox slow, especially gmail? – remove skype extension.

Ever since I updated the home computer to run the RTM version of Windows7 my gmail and greader experience has been very frustrating in Firefox. GReader just had no idea what data to display in the right hand side of the screen and gmail would just stick in the “please wait”, “loading” or “still working” status after sending an email (but would actually send the email).

Rebooting firefox into safe mode, or running ie8 worked fine so I knew it was not the computer but had to be an extension. Fortunately this was 100% reproducible so I was able to do some diagnostic tests.

I disabled all the likely culprits – flashblock, adblock,greasemonkey, better gmail, web developer, noscript but I still had the same problem. It wasn’t until I disabled the skype extension that the performance of google reader was back to normal and I could now send mail again.  Seeing as though I only really use Skype to call my parents I don’t need the extension so it is now disabled. For some reason the uninstall button is disabled.

I did find a thread on the Google Help forums with the same solution which was nice to know that I wasn’t the only one with the problem and I came up with the same solution.


  1. Neil T.

    The uninstall button would be disabled as the extension would be installed into the Firefox application folder and not the user’s profile folder.

  2. Leeenda

    I had the same problems with Gmail and also Facebook… removing the Skype extension did the trick.

    Thanks very much 🙂

  3. Nancy

    I was going crazy. Couldn’t figure out why Firefox was so slow but IE was fine. Once I uninstalled the Skype extension everything went back to normal. I use both Gmail and Facebook and both slowed down A LOT.

  4. Chris

    I had the same problem, but I fixed it in a slightly different way. I clicked the skype icon on my toolbar, and when it brought up the submenu I clicked “uninstall”. This removed the skype extension without changing anything outside of firefox. I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only person with this problem though!

  5. Olesen

    My daughter had the exact same problem with facebook and gmail on a brand new Lenovo laptop. Disabling Skype extenision solved the problem !

  6. Ingrid

    This recommendation fixed my slow loading GMail and Facebook problem that has been haunting me for weeks! Thanks so much for the tip!

  7. Frustrated with SkypeFifefox

    The new Skype update does not have that file {B13721C7-F507-4982-B2E5-502A71474FED} is no longer there.

    How I removed it:
    Firefox window
    Skype Extension

    that did the trick

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