Windows7 keygen site now owned by Microsoft.

I had an interesting google alert come through the other day that found some of my content posted at a website – (safe to visit.) Ensuring I had noscript switched on, I checked the site out to find that it was just scraping blogs and posting them as content on the website. I sent the host an email to request that they stopped including my site and added a todo to check back in a weeks time.

I was surprised to find a week later (5 days ago) that the site redirects to a bing search for windows7keygen. I checked whois for and found that the domain is now owned by Microsoft – along with another 29,000 domains and it looks like 22,000 of them are hosted on the same server. The domain registrar of Niobe Telekom is also unusual – I suspect that is due to the original owners registration.

I find it rather amusing that Microsoft now have control over the domain but I’m not sure how they managed to get control of it – I’m assuming a windows7 trademark threat? I would have thought that they’d have redirected it to Get Windows7 though.

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