claiming my feedster blog

Anyone else having problems with feedster? I’ve been trying to claim my blog but as it won’t let me log in with my username and password it is a bit difficult to do. If I put in my email address (which is not my login id) then the new password gets sent and I can read it, but when I put it into the form it tells me that the username/password is incorrect. Emails to the feedback contact don’t get answered.
Then this morning I went to check and found that my feed has been deleted at the request of the user – huh????? The only thing I’ve done is changed my default feed on the web page, but the old feed still gets published and I didn’t explicitly ask for it to be deleted. grrrrr


  1. Scott Johnson of Feedster

    Hi there,

    A couple of things.

    a) We’ve been dealing with an influx of spam lately and I apologize for inadvertently marking your feed as spam. One of our algorithms was overly aggressive and has now been properly “spanked”.

    b) I don’t know what happened with your feed claiming but prior but I did just check our database and it seems correct now. I apologize for the problems you had with that.

    Take care. If you need any further help I’m available at scott a[t]


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