Church site in MT?

I was speaking to the new conscriptvolunteer last night about how we were going to move the Wheelock Heath Baptist church website forward. The main criteria is easily updatable. The site needs to be updated by someone with little or no html experience and needs to be quickly updated so we don’t get stale content.
I remembered reading in my feeds that this had been done, so I just had to find out where. Redland Baptist is the end result with a very interesting page with HOWTO links at Heal Your Church Web Site: Beyond the Blog and other links on making MovableType a Content Managment System. Now I just need to check that the web host for the church website includes MT compatability – PHP and Mysql (its a IIS based server)

I also came across the pretty cool Milonic menu system that looks like a very versatile and adaptable system.

Other links I need to note are also at Beyond the blog, Redux, Part Deux


  1. Neil T.

    Milonic looks cool but I seem to remember that it’s very inaccessable and badly affects your search engine rankings (because crawlers can’t parse the JavaScript for the menu).

  2. pencils

    So long as the site looks cool, gets lots of hits, and can have lots of resources etc on it, I’ll be a happy bunny.

    At some point, I will send you some suggested examples of sites that I really like the look of, and you can tell me if they are achievable.

    Any examples to share with me?

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