Inside every one of us… a chef trying to get out. Actually I noticed a leaflet on the noticeboard at work from another company in the same building that our office was in. They were seeking volunteers to follow some recipes for a book they were doing and would pay expenses and also a small amount per recipe that was cooked. I thought it sounded like a good idea, Kristen agreed and so I contacted them. A week or so ago I got the recipe’s. Some looked pretty strange and disgusting, others looked really nice and some just looked interesting. So Thursday night after getting home from work I made Lemon Tuna on lettuce leaf bed and White Chocolate Fondue – guess which one was our favourite 😉
The fondue just screamed out for some artistic work so here are two pictures of the dips. Overhead, Side on


  1. stewed_tea

    Felt hungry. Was about to go away from keyboard and into kitchen, but stopped by your blog first. Boggled. Food post – and pictures to boot! Great timing. Yum! *grin*

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