DVD on projector doesn’t work :-(

Tried to watch Independence Day on the XP laptop via the projector screen tonight and failed dismally. At first it wasn’t showing any of the video on the external monitor – just the panel of WMP9. I tried the preview for shrek2 and that did the same thing until I downgraded the hardware acceleration to medium and that worked. Back to ID and that still failed. Did the same thing in WinVideo too.
Then I found a patch for WMP9 that sounded like it would do the trick. Except the patch told me I wasn’t running version 9 or the patch was already installed. GRRRR. Now its too late to do any more digging so its off to bed for an early night. (The weird thing is that its worked before although it might have been on another projector…..)


  1. Neil T.

    Try fiddling with the output settings. On mine, you can output to both LCD and CRT (default), or one or the other. If you output to both, the video only appears on one, so try switching it to just CRT. Alternatively, find a media player that doesn’t use ‘overlay’ mode when playing videos.

  2. Andy

    Turns out if you use Fn-F5 to switch the screen to CRT only, then the whole thing works. Thanks to the boss at work who does this thing a lot! Funny thing is that when I went back to the office the bulb had blown – and its £361 for a new one.

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