Month: August 2007

Vista and SBS2003 (in)compatability

One (new) client has unfortunately a Vista desktop purchased a couple of days before we took over IT and it needed joining to the domain. This has proved a difficult task to say the least. Our remote control software stops showing the users screen whenever the UAC prompt pops up (and freezes our screen until the local user clicks ok) which means the end user has to remain at their desk when we are doing any troubleshooting rather than letting them use another computer to do some work.
Anyway, the server/connectcomputer wizard was complaining that I needed admin rights (which I had already) and a patch is available, KB926505 but when I try to install that on the server I get the very wonderful error message “Failed to install” with no details as to why. Nothing in the eventlogs either. Add/Remove Programs now says the patch is installed and when you try to remove it, I get a message about all sorts of programs failing to work and the end of the world so I’ve left it in place until I get a chance to remove and reinstall the server whilst I am on site as opposed to RWW’ing into the server. In the meantime I joined the computer to the domain manually, and I’ve had to change the logon script so it doesn’t UAC whenever the script does the sbs setup program. Apparently this is fixed with the patch, so the patch obviously doesn’t work – watch this space.

120 eval of WHS to be available

I’m really glad to see that a 120 day evaluation of Windows Home Server will be available as per the WHS blog. This is great news as I love the product but the bugs in the beta would stop me buying the released product unless I know they work. I need a backup interface that actually works (after all the main point of whs is backing up pc’s) and I was very reluctant to purchase the product without knowing it would work first.
I’m also considering tying this into a vpn with my in-laws computer to see if I can back up their computer to my whs server so that they have off site storage but that will need extra disk space as I’m almost full already.

Peer is not authorized to use remote address and Cyberguard firewalls

One of my customers has a cyberguard firewall that was working perfectly when I configured it in the office. However on shipping it to the customer, it was placed behind a horrible Verizon modem that broke most of the configuration parameters I had put in place. Most of them were fixable straight away, but I’ve never been able to get it to vpn back to the head office. I was getting the error message “Peer is not authorized to use remote address” in the log files.
Various responses in google mentioned I had to add noauth to the /etc/ppp file but this file doesn’t exist on the cyberguard unit. However, using the Advanced section and editing the “pptp.connect to office” file, adding “noauth” (without quotes) to the end of the file, the vpn connection worked.
This isn’t documented anywhere in google that I’ve seen so hopefully this will help someone else.

Event ID 5050 in Source (IAS ) cannot be found

Finally found a solution/explanation to the Event ID 5050, Source IAS that reads “The description for Event ID ( 5050 ) in source ( IAS ) cannot be found. Apparently this is A LDAP connection with domain controller <domain controller name> for domain <domain name> is established. and therefore nothing to worry about. It’s taken ages to track this down – I wasn’t able to find it on eventid for quite a while, but this morning it was there.

Installing sp2 on Windows2003 after using last known good

I’ve been busy installing a new server today and after the initial install of the nic and chipset drivers the server had no network,mouse or keyboard so I had to boot into last known good, then install the nic card, reboot, install the chipset drivers and then reboot. I then came to install Service pack2, rebooted and got the message “Windows could not be started as configured. A previous working configuration was used instead”. From reading the article at kb 924690 it seems that you will get this if you have used last known good before and that it seems to be safe to ignore. At least this seemed to be the case as I have mouse, keyboard and network card functioning correctly.
Now if only I could get the belkin kvm to work with these servers rather than randomly mouse clicking I’d be happy. It’s very hard navigating around Microsoft’s website using only the keyboard.
This is actually my first sp2 installation so I’ve not had a good user experience with sp2 so far.

Exam insurance being offered again …. soon

Microsoft are going to do Exam insurance with a free re-take if you fail and a discount if you pass on the next one. Seeing as though I only need 2 more exams for my MCSA I’m wishing they would hurry up and release the details. I called them up this afternoon and apparently the details will be released at the end of the month which means I get some extra swotting time but also means I have a chance to forget everything I learnt recently by the time the exam comes around.