vncserver on ubuntu

Discovered that if you turn on vncserver in ubuntu it doesn’t default to asking for a password and it also defaults to let everyone access it (or at least it did on my installation). This can be fixed by going to System/Preferences/Remote Desktop and checking the box to require a password

Upgrade time

I’ve been busy this morning. I re-ghosted my windows xp partition and then reloaded it back onto my secondary disk. The performance still stays about the same so I’ll be wiping the secondary disk back to HP’s recovery cd and reloading all of the applications again *shudder*. As this is a fairly long post there is more in the extended entry.

Ubuntu 5.10 is worse!

(in my opinion) than the 5.04 release that was out a while back. At least 5.04 would boot on my machine but 5.10 doesn’t. It gets as far as detecting hot plug devices and then the machine hangs. Various messages are displayed in the other consoles (ctrl-f2 to f4 i think) but nothing obvious as to what is going on. I thought I would try 5.10 on the desktop as the 5.04 would not let me use ndiswrapper for the Hawking Technology wifi usb card that I have (which incidentally uses the zydas 1211 driver). I think that if I risked putting ubuntu onto the hard disk rather then running from the livecd then I might stand a chance of getting it to work, but ideally I want a combination of livecd & usb wifi adapter which means I can use this at other wifi enabled pc’s.

Ubuntu under Virtual PC

I downloaded Ubuntu this afternoon and tried it out as a virtual machine. Unfortunately the screen was garbled as the default installation uses 24bits for the screen resolution andVirtual PC can’t cope with that.
It can be fixed (each time you boot the virtual pc) by doing the following that I have added to the Ubuntu faq

  • Press Ctrl Alt and Backspace at the same time. This will kill the xserver and drop you down to the console.
  • cd /etc/X11
  • sudo vim xorg.conf
  • Now, scroll down to Section “Screen” and find the entry named “!DefaultDepth”. Change the setting you find there from 24 to 16.
  • Move the cursor to the “2” in 24.
  • Hit the D key. Spacebar key. (You now deleted the “2”.)
  • Hit the D key. Spacebar key. (You now deleted the “4”.)
  • Hit the I key for insert. Type “16”. Hit Ctrl-C to stop inserting.
  • Hit a colon, cursor jumps to bottom left. Type a “w” as the command and press Enter. This saves your changes.
  • Hit a colon, type a “q” as command and press Enter. You are now back at shell prompt.
  • startx to get back to the xserver screen.

Note that you will have to do this each time you boot from your livecd.