Teched hands on lab – behind the scenes.

A 3 or 4 minute video on the infrastructure behind the 900 machines used to build the hands on labs at TechEd. It was interesting to see that most of the main servers were all virtual servers and that the virtual images stored on the lab pc’s themselves were deployed using Ghost but the actual OS of the desktop was deployed using Windows Deployment Services (WDS). I’ve never been to TechEd but hope to go one day but it makes me wonder what they used to do before virtual machines existed?

Upgrade time

I’ve been busy this morning. I re-ghosted my windows xp partition and then reloaded it back onto my secondary disk. The performance still stays about the same so I’ll be wiping the secondary disk back to HP’s recovery cd and reloading all of the applications again *shudder*. As this is a fairly long post there is more in the extended entry.

Ghost to usb drive.

Had problems trying to create a ghost image on a new Dell machine which only has usb ports (no ps2 ports for mouse and keyboard) to a usb hard disk. When the drivers for the disk were loaded, the mouse and keyboard were disabled. Removing the aspiehci.sys from loading in config.sys by pressing F8 at the Starting PCDos prompt and answering No to the initial question I had a ghost program with mouse and keyboard support.
However, ghost complained with error 622 – Cannot create image file. By going into the bios and setting the SATA controller to run in compatible mode rather than normal, Ghost worked – or at least it is currently creating an image for me.