Ubuntu 5.10 is worse!

(in my opinion) than the 5.04 release that was out a while back. At least 5.04 would boot on my machine but 5.10 doesn’t. It gets as far as detecting hot plug devices and then the machine hangs. Various messages are displayed in the other consoles (ctrl-f2 to f4 i think) but nothing obvious as to what is going on. I thought I would try 5.10 on the desktop as the 5.04 would not let me use ndiswrapper for the Hawking Technology wifi usb card that I have (which incidentally uses the zydas 1211 driver). I think that if I risked putting ubuntu onto the hard disk rather then running from the livecd then I might stand a chance of getting it to work, but ideally I want a combination of livecd & usb wifi adapter which means I can use this at other wifi enabled pc’s.


  1. mikelietz

    I’ve had a little trouble here and there with 5.10 myself — mainly with the fglrx drivers.

    I thought it wasn’t booting many a time, but for some reason it was setting the text to black on black for the bootup sequence. This I have yet to fix.

    Other times it did, in fact, merely stop somewhere along the boot process, and since I couldn’t see anything, I could do nothing. However the older kernels and most recovery consoles seemed to work.

    Also troublesome were some font paths, I believe. Read the logs and follow the suggestions therein.

    Right now, though, something has broken udev or devfs somehow and I can’t seem to burn discs. This is something of a major problem, but it’s my only one.

    Hotplug seems to be updated in te repository almost every day — perhaps they went gold or whatever with one of the bad ones. Have you tried booting without your device plugged in?

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