RSS Readers

Sauce Reader RSS reader

Scoble blogged about SauceReader.
Sauce reader – looks really neat. As the program was launched it ran through a quick tutorial – and then crashed with a “can’t load resource” error message. A quick reload of the application later and it was working. This utility also uses internet explorer as its browser engine 🙁 but has integration with w.bloggar (which you can use to “blog this”) or you can use its built in blog this facility – with the choice of which blog you want to use.
The autodetection of feeds works fine on my website although its not that obvious that it has detected a feed – the subscribe button becomes available but thats the only indication you get. Other readers tend to say “hey i’ve found a feed – do you want to subscribe?”. This is quite handy although can get annoying if they do this every time you visit a web page.
one bug i’ve seen is that if you hit the back button on the browser bar it actually moves the active browser window back – NOT the browser window within Sauce reader. Unfortunately for me, this meant it moved back on the MT popup window that I was writing this review in – and I almost lost it all. Thankfully I was able to get back to the data I had typed in!

new email to rss gateway

Lysozyme talks about bloglines providing email to rss feeds along with mailbucket. Bloglines is handy if you’ve already got an account with them, but mailbucket is better as you can just think up an email address when you want to create an rss feed for a newsletter. The only problem with this sort of thing is if everyone decides to subscribe to Langalist (for example) then there could be several rss feeds at all for the same newsletter. The disadvantage is also that the list is public, so anyone could unsubscribe the feed, whereas at bloglines it is under your control.

MobileRss now in use.

I finally got round to installing mobilerss as mentioned previously on the Axim. The import of my 97 feed opml file went well and the page was set up in avantgo easily enough. The only problem is that it comes down as several html pages as opposed to content in a database, so there is no “unread” messages capability, which is a shame as I’ve really got used to it in other rss readers. I think what I might do is set up my new feeds page from FeedOnFeed to be synched with avantgo instead.

IntraVnews first thoughts.

The software was on the pc for 5 minutes then I realised a new version was released whilst I was on holiday so I downloaded and installed that. I tried to import my opml file but it just tells me that there were some errors on the subscription and then doesn’t subscribe to any of the feeds. No log file can be found so i don’t know why it failed so I can’t troubleshoot and fix it 🙁 Email sent to the developers, who don’t have a support forum, so we’ll see how long they take to respond.