Moving to the states

Housing market improving?

People keep asking how the move is going. The fact that I’m still here should give them a clue really 🙂 Having said that I think the market is improving as we have had a couple of visitors around to look and yesterday my parents put an offer into a house (not mine unfortunately) that was accepted so they are now looking forward to moving yet again. Hopefully this will be the last time they move though (and the last time I’ll be asked to move loads and loads of large potted plants)

We* all live in a yellow kitchen**

I got home from work last night and volunteered to help paint our kitchen ready for part of it to be tiled this morning. It now looks really good but does need at least one more coat of paint. My arm and fingers ache from pushing on the roller though. Hopefully all the paint and tiling and tidying up will be done before a viewer comes round on Saturday.

*(well Kristen and Andy do) **This post to be sung to the tune of We all live in a yellow submarine with apologies to the beatles.

A VIL arrives.

At long last, a Very Important Letter arrived in the post this morning – . We’re not sure if it is a coincidence that the letter was sent from the embassy (and arrives here two days later in FirstClass mail) the day after that Kristen’s parents contacted their senator to see what was going on but it does seem very suspicious that the letter has finally come through (but it was quick work once the phone call was made). Hopefully we won’t be the uk equivalent of Blunkett’s nanny and appear in American newspapers as someone fasttracking visa forms as this has been anything but the fast track.
The interview and medical exam is next Friday. As my surname starts with H I get to see the doc before the interview – at 8am in the morning…..something tells me this could be a long day.
There is a possibility that we could then fly out to america on holiday for christmas, but looking at the prices, if we flew back on the 2nd Jan, the prices start from £3000 each – yep, 3grand. If we fly back the day before, it drops to a respectable £700 each – but thats still a fortune.