Internet Explorer

Get noscript installed in firefox!

There’s a new zero day exploit for firefox and internet explorer which involves javascript. So if you are running firefox, then installing NoScript will give you added protection. If you are running IE – then ooooooops 🙂

Having said that, it doesn’t look that malicious – you would have to be tricked into entering data into one page, which can then be sent to the malicious site at the same time, so you are probably only at risk if you do random surfing or surf in dodgy web site areas in the first place – and if you are doing that then I really hope you are not running internet explorer (or as an admin!)

Missing pics?

Hmmm – if you view the previous post in internet explorer the first picture of a cartoon is not displayed, yet it works in firefox. Internet explorer seems to treat the align=”left” code as display=none for some strange reason. The individual page for the post shows both pictures correctly – any css gurus got any ideas?

Wooohoooo! IE is fixed.

I’ve finally solved the problem for good, with internet explorer hanging and not working properly (with every page being loaded into firefox) and what I want to know is how come most of you have not read the post on Download squadwhich points to the article and registry fix that explains why you can’t run ie7 and ie6 on the same machine anymore without getting the exact symptoms I have been having????
I have spent so long on trying to fix this! If I used IE more often it would have been easier to have pinned it down to a windows update – we only started getting it a couple of days before christmas – about 10 days after the patch was released.

ie pages switch to firefox

For some reason, any time I enter a url in internet explorer it loads the page open in firefox and not internet explorer. Normally this doesn’t bother me but I need to contact Roadrunner support who didn’t leave any paperwork behind about my account and their chat support only works with internet explorer(6) – 7 doesn’t work but will load new pages up ok.
Any suggestions on how to “fix” ie?