ie pages switch to firefox

For some reason, any time I enter a url in internet explorer it loads the page open in firefox and not internet explorer. Normally this doesn’t bother me but I need to contact Roadrunner support who didn’t leave any paperwork behind about my account and their chat support only works with internet explorer(6) – 7 doesn’t work but will load new pages up ok.
Any suggestions on how to “fix” ie?


  1. mikelietz

    It’s difficult to say if you’ve somehow gotten your default browser switched or something stranger… since addresses you type into IE get somehow intercepted by Firefox I suspect the latter.

    You could always try installing IE Tab for firefox:

  2. Andy

    Yeah, I think somehow my default browser is set to firefox but that shouldn’t open up ALL urls in firefox. If I said open in a new window I could almost understand it. I went into control panel/default programs and made sure that ie was set as my default browser but it made little difference (although I could get 1 page to occur in ie before it would load the next into firefox).
    A search of the registry for the full firefox path doesn’t come up with anything unusual – I was looking for something that might associate http:// protocol with firefox as opposed to the default browser….
    I’ll keep looking. In the meantime I’m waiting for Roadrunners support to get back to my email…It will be interesting to see which is quicker – me solving ie problem or their response via email

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