Geek Dinner

Kevin was hosting a geek dinner in Cleveland last night as part of the Friends In Tech / In The Trenches network. I asked one of the guys at work, who also listened to the show if he wanted to go to, he said yes, so last night we headed off on a 272 mile round trip for some ribs and some great company. 8 of us turned up, which is pretty small for a geek dinner, but considering we had people from Cleveland, Columbus (and wherever Kevin and Dave come from) it was a pretty good turn out really.
We had a really good time chatting about all sorts of stuff, no user bashing and Kevin sneakily managed to interview all of us for the Trench segment (which means I’ll probably have to think of some new answers). George couldn’t make it so Kevin rang him up and we all wished him a speedy recovery.
I’ve uploaded my photos to zooomr and flickr and tagged them with ClevelandGeekDinner

Friends in Tech and Firefox

I’ve been invited to join the Friends In Tech team as a blogger which was a nice offer and an honour to take up. I’ll still be posting over here but will have some content on their site too now.
My first post was about the firefox upgrade to 1.5.06 and an easy way to get extensions to work afterwards.
Mike McBride was also invited to post and his first post is about having an appreciation folder in your email client.

If you read either of our blogs you will probably be interested in some of the other Friends in Tech blogs and their podcasts.