Yahoo admits a problem.

After about 3 emails back and forwards with yahoo, they have finally admitted there is a problem with their verification process and their engineers are going to look at it. I’m not holding my breath, but in the meantime I’m going to create a new email address to sign up for the distribution list – and one that doesn’t contain a plus sign in it.

Gmail Tips

Dave has his Gmail Tips – The Complete Collection in one place and makes some very helpful and useful tips. For instance, I didn’t know that you could use [email protected], replacing something with tags so you can track your email. I do something very similar at the moment with my domain but this will be handy for gmail. I’ve actually started using this for my testing now – any emails with +test now go directly to my testing label category and do not appear in my inbox.
I have a couple of invites left if anyone wants one btw.
Update Not all the tips are valid now – the unread label doesn’t work as thats included automatically but its still worth the 15 minute read to find out something new.

Pop access to gmail.

Cool – I now have pop3 access to gmail AND I can have my email forwarded to another account. Not really sure why I’d want to do that though with all this 1gb of space to play with. (jk). The pop3 access will be really handy though as it is much easier to check with a pop3 client than use the web browser or gmail notifier. The pop3 access will also make it easier to check multiple gmail accounts as the various gmail notifier programs that previously existed didn’t seem to like swapping between accounts very often.
Oh – and if you haven’t got access to pop then don’t moan at me, its a phased implementation.


Well I finally took the plunge and signed up for a Gmail account. The funny thing is that I see blog entries everywhere saying that they’ve had one and they have invites to give away etc and yet when I signed up, the opening email thanks me for being “one of the first” to try the beta service. I can see some use for the service, especially with the Pop to Gmail converter to allow you to use gmail as a pop3 account.

Mail servers.

One of our satellite offices uses a different email domain than we do and their email is handled by a local isp. Other the past three years I reckon they’ve changed the name to use for retrieving pop mail at least three times, probably the same for outgoing. Each time they don’t bother telling the customers that they are doing this, so the first you find out is when you eventually get hold of them on the phone and they tell you its changed. I reckon we’re also paying at least £25 a year for email forwarding and they want £15 to change the iptags too. If it wasn’t for the fact that we need to move them onto our real domain, I’d have changed to another isp that charges £2.50 a year for email forwarding.