Adaware vs Search&Destroy

Had a major problem with a spyware infection yesterday. User told me that their pc was incredibly slow and Search&Destroy would not fire up. S&D was actually running minimised but it was not possible to restore or maximise it. Turns out that the pc was actually running slowly due to the machine trying to constantly access a faulty cd! I ran hijack this as the user had a toolbar named “lslyfqudprl” and homepage was set to mysearchnow. That found the toolbar and an autorun app called dseeglpr.exe -quiet in the registry (which I had already spotted by hand to start with!). I cleaned this and then ran adaware and it found IGetNet and These were cleaned and then the system ran with Search&Destroy which found another 5 objects, although these were pictures from lop. A slow scan of the computer with AntiVirus software (why oh why do these not detect components as virus’s or malicious software?) and the user eventually got his pc back a couple of hours later.


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