Month: December 2007

Why do givers not ask to be paid?

Liz wrote a post on why do givers not ask to be paid, something that I’ve been wondering this last week or so. I’ve received lots of thankyou emails and comments over the years on this blog from users who have been helped from the posts on this blog. I’ve also read other blogs where people have mentioned that they have made some money from donations on their website/application purely by having a donation button on there. After all if you don’t make it easy for users to donate or even ask them, then it’s unlikely they will.
Therefore I’ve been considering putting something like a paypal donation button on the blog posts so that if a post has helped someone then maybe they would like to donate. If it’s possible I’d like to only put it on pages where users have been referred by Google or other search engines. This way regular users who read the blog via the web wouldn’t get the donate button, rss readers wouldn’t get it, but those who I’ve really helped by providing answers would get the button on the page.
I’ve previously not put something like this on the website as it has always been my personal record of solutions that I have come across in my daily life and I like to help other people – getting the thank you emails and comments make my day (and they still do).
So what do you the readers think of this idea? Do you think I’m selling out or do you think it is a good idea? How many of you click the adverts on this blog already? (Some already do as I make a little money from adsense but not much).

National Treasure 2

Kristen and I went to see National Treasure 2:Book of Secrets yesterday at the matinée showing. Our hearts initially sunk when we got to the lobby and there were about 100 kids going up the escalators in front of us AND we heard that they were going to see the same film as us. However, the kids quietened down really quickly as the trailers began so that was a really nice surprise. The funny thing was that there were a few funny parts in the trailers that the kids REALLY loved and it was neat to hear a lot of laughter at these points.
Spoiler alert in the extended entry!

my Goodreads shelves looks like a good tracking site of what books have been read or you wish to read. You can create multiple shelves that books can be stored on, for example Sci-Fi, Reading and Read for a Terry Pratchett book. It looks books up pretty well by author or title but it had a couple of issues trying to match an ISBN number that I got from one of my books, but typing the title in worked fine (probably a different edition). It has a widget plugin for wordpress and an image or flash plugin for other blogging sites and a facebook application too. I’m using the image plugin to the left here as flash is annoying – especially if you use flashblock like me. By filling in more details about your location it will show you information about other groups in your area and also links to upcoming for book events – there is one author appearing in downtown Columbus soon.
There is an option to import books using a text file using ISBN numbers – I’m not sure how well that would integrate with a cuecat but I would imagine that people with a cuecat have already scanned their books into a database already.
Naturally RSS feeds abound for various types of book categories such as the books I am reading, that are on my shelves, authors etc.
If you give it a try, my username is Absoblogginlutely.

Favourite moments in 2007

Some of the Friends In Tech team have posted some of their best shots of 2007 so I thought I’d post my own too. Some of them have already been uploaded to the various photo galleries but some photos are new ones (and at least one was taken today). I’ve tried to keep the number to about 2 per month, but some months needed more than that. They may not technically be the best, but they are some of my best memories of 2007 that I took (I’ve not included pictures that Kristen took). Flash is required but most people have this nowadays and the photos are fairly small to allow a quick load but it does take a little while.

Photophlow and firefox.

I got an invite to Photophlow this morning. Photophlow is like IRC with flickr pics, all on steroids. A nice interface but be warned that it will suck up time when you start using it! I had an issue with firefox trying to get to the chat rooms – the system would just sit there and never connect into the room.
This turned out to be an issue with flashblock – if you use flashblock you need to go to the tools menu, Addons, Select Flashblock and choose options. Then add Restart firefox and you should be able to connect. For some reason this didn’t work first time for me – only after I totally disabled Flashblock, logged in and then re-enabled it, would I be able to connect.
I have some invites available if anyone wants to try it.

Blockbuster price increase

Blockbusters are increasing their prices for their monthly dvd rentals by $2. We are on the $14.99 plan for two videos at a time and 3 instore exchanges per month. The $2 increase is not a lot but is a 13% increase. Strangely their email extols the virtue of their existing service but gives no details as to what extra benefits are available for the increased price. A temporary way around the increase might be to upgrade NOW to the 3 dvd’s at a time, 5 instore exchanges which is currently $17.99 and a 6 month prepaid subscription is available (but no discount). So for an extra $1 a month you get one more dvd in shipment at any time and an extra 2 instore changes.

Blackberry phone still reboots

Well the Blackberry still reboots even without Google Sync installed so I’m now beginning to wonder if this was the cause of the original reboots a while back or not. The BB has rebooted itself at least once a day, normally around 4.30 to 5pm but today it’s rebooted about 4 times already and it’s not even 1.30pm yet. Oh well, as I’m off for a whole week for Christmas (yippee) I might just leave the phone off to let it get some rest.