National Treasure 2

Kristen and I went to see National Treasure 2:Book of Secrets yesterday at the matinée showing. Our hearts initially sunk when we got to the lobby and there were about 100 kids going up the escalators in front of us AND we heard that they were going to see the same film as us. However, the kids quietened down really quickly as the trailers began so that was a really nice surprise. The funny thing was that there were a few funny parts in the trailers that the kids REALLY loved and it was neat to hear a lot of laughter at these points.
Spoiler alert in the extended entry!

The film started with a Goofy film about installing a Home Theater system which was really funny. He gets the system from a shop called “Shiny Stuff” which looked remarkably similar to Best Buy’s logo. The scene as he finds the perfect tv screen was great.
The film itself was really good – definitely a film that you just switch your brain off and enjoy but really good fun. Quite a bit of the first part of the film was set in England so there are are some funny english accents and quotes – the phrase “Oy!” was used several times đŸ˜‰
And for those geocachers in central Ohio – there is a really huge clue to one of the geocaches in the area in this film – they solve one of the puzzles using the exact same method needed for this particular geocache.


  1. Dave2

    I thought the original “National Treasure” was pretty good (far superior than the mess that was “The DaVinci Code”) so I’ve been looking forward to the sequel. I am curious about the Goofy film… was that a THX advertisement then? Or was it literally a pre-movie cartoon? Interesting, because movie studios keep trying to cut their running times so they can get multiple showings in theaters.

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