Installing sp2 on Windows2003 after using last known good

I’ve been busy installing a new server today and after the initial install of the nic and chipset drivers the server had no network,mouse or keyboard so I had to boot into last known good, then install the nic card, reboot, install the chipset drivers and then reboot. I then came to install Service pack2, rebooted and got the message “Windows could not be started as configured. A previous working configuration was used instead”. From reading the article at kb 924690 it seems that you will get this if you have used last known good before and that it seems to be safe to ignore. At least this seemed to be the case as I have mouse, keyboard and network card functioning correctly.
Now if only I could get the belkin kvm to work with these servers rather than randomly mouse clicking I’d be happy. It’s very hard navigating around Microsoft’s website using only the keyboard.
This is actually my first sp2 installation so I’ve not had a good user experience with sp2 so far.