OSU vs Penn State game

I had a busy day yesterday as work was hosting a tailgating party for the Ohio State vs Penn State game. I was also able to attend the game afterwards due to a friend getting me tickets. We had excellent seats near the “touchline” (as I called it) but quite a way up in the C section. I was a bit nervous about taking photos as although the OSU website states that cameras are allowed (as long as they are not video or with detachable lenses), the signs above all the entrances say no camera’s allowed – OSU really need to come up with nonconflicting guidelines about what you can or cannot take into the game.
I was able to get some photos at the beginning of the game and of the marching band, but as it started to chuck it down with rain I put the camera away and enjoyed the game. The first half was fairly boring with little action, but the second half, especially at the end was great with three touchdown generating interceptions, with the touchdowns right in front of us.
I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed with the band at half time, they really should stick to what they know best, marching and playing – not singing Rolling Stones songs (which I don’t like to start with!) but the rocking guitar formation at the end was really cool.
I didn’t enjoy the drive home though – it took 40 minutes to get from the place I had left the car to the nearby main road – a distance of 1.1 miles. During this fascinating 40 minutes I came to the conclusion that crickets believe in reincarnation and come back as traffic cops, as the noise that traffic cops make as they insanely blow their whistle is very similar and annoying to the sound that crickets make – just a lot louder.

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  1. Mike

    Cool pictures, at least until the rain started! It is weird that they actually do let certain types of cameras in but still have all these signs posted saying you can’t bring any in! Last year I didn’t bring a camera at all and was kind of ticked when I saw a bunch of people strolling in with them…

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