Month: July 2006

Albert’s scripting telnet tool

Ages ago, back in Sept 2003 I was looking for a scripting telnet program, something along the lines of expect. I was able to find some software from WorldsEnd, but at the time the one that kept coming up in google was by Albert Yale but his software wasn’t actually available anywhere. However, yesterday I got a tipoff that you can download Albert’s software from Gerald Bonne and this software was also mentioned in the latest In The Trenches – whilst listening I thought to myself – I’ve covered that before. I didn’t realise how long ago it was.
On another ITT know – Microsoft have purchased Wininternals – the company that produces the excellent sysinternals “free” software and the no-so-free administrators pak.

Zooomr is back

Well Zooomr is back at last – It’s been out of action since last Thursday as they prepared their upgrade and then got hit by a DOS attack. I was beginning to wonder if the whole thing was a hoax dreamed up by flickr so that anyone who was thinking of defecting would stay with flickr 😉 (thats a joke Mr Lawyer man). Anyway, they are now back online but the site must still be under stress as it is really really slow – must have taken about 45 seconds to load the front page for me.

Nmap scripting.

I’ve toyed with nmap tonight to try and speed up some scripting across the lan scripts – currently I have a script that copies files across the lan, by checking each ip in turn to see if the machine is there and then copies it across – it’s very laborious and slow – I started it at 6pm tonight and it’s still running now at 10.24pm (It copies 3*100mb files across the lan).
I think by using nmap to ping sweep the lan and feed the results to a loop batch file it’ll be much quicker.
The nmap and dos script is this :-

nmap -sP -oG pclist.txt
for /F “skip=2 tokens=2” %%i in (‘find “Status: Up” pclist.txt’) do echo %%i is alive!

Just replace the echo bit with the command you want to run.

Angel Food Cake

I had my first ever portion of Angel Food Cake tonight – VERY nice. Unfortunately Kristen took some for herself and then left the cake bowl on the table next to me…it’s now empty – how was I supposed to know that you are not meant to eat that much when it is so nice and very light that it doesn’t feel like you’ve eaten too much?

Garmin find functions in City Select

Garmin really ought to put some more work into their search functions within City Select/Navigator. In order to find the address 123 N Main St, Marysville, Ohio you actually need to search for “Main” and then scroll down through the many choices until you get to N Main St. At that point it will then be able to find this particular address. However, if you try to search for N Main Street it will not find any results for 123 N Main St. How weird is that? The GPS works in a similar way but you can also include the city to search for if you use the menu option to include city filtering (well worth switching on as I later found out!)
Incidentally the address I just gave is not where I needed to be which is a music shop.
However, I do like the City Select better than the City Navigator as you have much smaller map segments – which now means I have loaded all the surrounding area of Columbus onto the 24mb memory instead of being limited to 25% of ohio, most of which I’d never go to.

Garmin support pt2.

I finally managed to get hold of Garmin on Friday afternoon and found out the reason I was having the problem is that the licence code for the software (and the outer packing) was for Garmin City Select. However the dvd was for Garmin City Navigator. Therefore the activation code did not match the software and that is why it didn’t work – it would have been nice if it had told me that. I had to wait about 20 minutes on hold first thing Friday morning but apparently first thing is the best time to ring them. The annoying thing was that I didn’t realise that it was first thing (8am) CENTRAL time – so I had to wait an extra hour before ringing them. Fortunately I had some work that I could do whilst hanging on the phone.

Garmin support =not good.

I posted this on my caching blog – Not very happy with Garmin at the moment….

The Legend GPS arrived last night and I eagerly tried to install the software – installing the software on the computer worked great – unfortunately the product activation does not work and I can’t install the maps to the gps. The activation runs through the process, tells me there is an unlock code, but doesn’t actually unlock it. Garmin’s phone support is only open 8-5 – whilst I am working which is useless if they want me to try various things on the computer as I’m not going to be there.
I managed to get lunch at home today so called them – there’s currently a 30 minute wait. So I thought i’d email them – their autoreply on the website states that the response time is 5-7 business days! What sort of response is that to customers? I’ve purchased software that i want to use NOW – not next week.
If you are going to do product activation like Microsoft does, then at least have the support to provide activation 24/7 so your customers can use something they have paid for.