Garmin find functions in City Select

Garmin really ought to put some more work into their search functions within City Select/Navigator. In order to find the address 123 N Main St, Marysville, Ohio you actually need to search for “Main” and then scroll down through the many choices until you get to N Main St. At that point it will then be able to find this particular address. However, if you try to search for N Main Street it will not find any results for 123 N Main St. How weird is that? The GPS works in a similar way but you can also include the city to search for if you use the menu option to include city filtering (well worth switching on as I later found out!)
Incidentally the address I just gave is not where I needed to be which is a music shop.
However, I do like the City Select better than the City Navigator as you have much smaller map segments – which now means I have loaded all the surrounding area of Columbus onto the 24mb memory instead of being limited to 25% of ohio, most of which I’d never go to.