Zooomr is back

Well Zooomr is back at last – It’s been out of action since last Thursday as they prepared their upgrade and then got hit by a DOS attack. I was beginning to wonder if the whole thing was a hoax dreamed up by flickr so that anyone who was thinking of defecting would stay with flickr 😉 (thats a joke Mr Lawyer man). Anyway, they are now back online but the site must still be under stress as it is really really slow – must have taken about 45 seconds to load the front page for me.


  1. Marc V

    I have a hunch it’s slow due to the filters and safeguards they had to install because of the @#$! jerks who launched the zombies against them. I can’t say whether Flickr is better or worse, but Zooomr has a pretty nice set up. I’m still trying to get used to the login process.

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