Month: November 2005

caution on a USB KVM switch

Be careful if you buy a Belkin USB KVM switch as although they say they work with all usb keyboards, what they really mean is that they work with all usb keyboards that don’t have usb hubs in them – so the keyboards that come with dell computers will not work – which is annoying as the whole reason that we got the kvm switch is because the dell keyboards were usb!

Quietest 5th November ever….almost

Last night was (almost) the quietest Guy Fawkes night I’ve ever had as there wasn’t a firework to be heard, not even a sparkler sizzling. I think I wouldn’t have missed it until someone mentioned the date and I read some blogs about their firework plans.
I say it was almost the quietest night as at about 10.30 loads of teenagers across the road started to make a racket about something – whether a party they were having was finished (unlikely) or just starting (probable) I’m not sure but this was the same house that got toilet papered on Friday night. (The first time I’d seen a house get toilet papered)

Google pays to refer firefox….

In a surprising move, google are now paying adsense people to push the installation of firefox with the google toolbar – $1 for each new installation of firefox with the google toolbar….now if only I could persuade all my clients to install it 🙂
I must admit that there only seems to be a couple of reasons for using the google toolbar with firefox (as most of the functionality seems to be there already). The one thing I do like is the automapping that it can do (clicking on an address to get a map – but I’m sure there is an extension or greasemonkey script to do this already.

Symantec Tamper Protection a waste of time?

Since I’ve been using Microsoft’s Virtual Server every time that I start the server up I get an error message from Symantec Corporate Edition entitled Symantec Tamper Protection Alert. Apparently the vmh.exe file is triggering the tamper protection and is allegedly being blocked by symantec….. However, the server seems to behave quite perfectly with having its .exe files blocked and the only visible side effect is a very annoying popup box that insists on being the topmost window complaining about the attempts (96+ per launch) I’ve not found anything on the web or google about this although I know I’m not the only one to have the error message