Google pays to refer firefox….

In a surprising move, google are now paying adsense people to push the installation of firefox with the google toolbar – $1 for each new installation of firefox with the google toolbar….now if only I could persuade all my clients to install it 🙂
I must admit that there only seems to be a couple of reasons for using the google toolbar with firefox (as most of the functionality seems to be there already). The one thing I do like is the automapping that it can do (clicking on an address to get a map – but I’m sure there is an extension or greasemonkey script to do this already.


  1. Ron

    I use the ConQuery extension with the Google Maps search. There is much more functionality than just maps with that plug-in as well. You can query any text to any search engine you can find via mycroft. (I am sure that there are more, but I have not had the need for them…yet.)

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