Skype password changed

hmmm – I got an email this morning stating that they were going to change my skype password in the next 24 hours due to a upgrade of their software. Why they can’t tell me that they have changed it now, instead of me waiting until I can’t log into skype and then changing it myself I don’t know. This also sounds suspiciously like one of the websites was hacked or compromised. I really can’t see any other reason that they would need to change passwords for so many people. There is more information at SkypeJournal and it seems like a lot of people share my concerns AND have trouble trying to get the password changed.
The funny thing is that they try to convince you that this is not a hoax by saying that there is a copy of the email on the website…Now if I was a scammer with a website such as it wouldn’t be difficult to host a copy of a phishing email that I am sending out to all my target customers would it?


  1. maluka

    I’m so glad I found this as I was very suspicious of the exact same mail I received. I went to the regular site and said I’d lost my password and one was sent, allowing me to compare headers.

    Received: from ([]) by with MailEnable ESMTP traces to Doubleclick!

    The other Skype mails I’ve received, including one today for payment, have this IP:

    The one with the new pw, not the one asking me to change it, came to “Dear user maluka”.

    The suspicious one was to “Dear share.skye.user”.

    Something’s definitely fishy.

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