Month: March 2004


The latest in the round of virus’s is Polybot. At the time of writing (2pm on the 19th), Symantec have two patches – the Virus Definitions updated March 19th (which don’t actually exist if you try to download them, and the Virus Definitions dated March 24th. They can work out how to name a virus and how it spreads (via RPC vulnerabilitys that should have been patched) but no fix yet…..Thankfully we’ve not had any come through via email yet.

Freebie upgrades

Well for once it was worth going to work today. We had a meeting with some customers and partners. Naturally the partners brought freebies for the customers. Thankfully the partners couldn’t count so there were plenty of freebies left over. The first was a stuffed tiger, the second a magnetic puzzle, where you have to put the slices of a square back together again and the third was a mousemat. I decided to “upgrade” my 2002 mousemat (with our company logo and 2002 calendar on) and was pleasantly suprised to feel the mouse being so much more responsive. Hooray for Fridays (well this one anyway)


BugMeNot has a great bookmarklet that will popup a list of user supplied usernames and passwords for sites such as the NewYorkTimes and the Washington Post so you don’t have to go through their (pointless) registration process. I wouldn’t try this on sites where you give your credit card details out though!

Impersonations ?

I never knew my post about Jamie Oliver’s Dad’s pub would make such interesting reading that I’d get invited to school’s to talk about it. But that’s what has happened in the latest comment on this page. Somehow I don’t think they actually read the page and I also think they are likely to fail their assignment. OR I could give up my job and do personal appearances for famous people when they are too busy to do it themselves.