Month: March 2004

HTTP/1.1 New session failed

Got the above error message on the mail server this afternoon which was a new one on me. Apparently it is caused by the lack of available memory on the server. We have 1.5GB of physical memory, the STORE.exe process was taking 900MB of that and there was a console message (not much use when I’m sitting at my desk!) mentioning that it had increased the virtual memory used. The eventlog had various error messages such as the one in the extended entry which explained the above. I had scheduled a reboot for 10pm tonight but then customers started ringing to say they couldn’t get into our web front end so I had to reboot. This is the first time I’ve had this so I hope it doesn’t start to become a regular problem.

Java Ad’s?

I was suprised to hear my computer making some noise when checking some links from a blog and discovered the culprit was which is using java ad’s in the browser. Identical in the way to flash ads, but using java. Seeing as though I have the click to view plugin, I don’t see the flash ad’s but I saw heard this one. I really hope this is not the start of a new trend.

I wondered why going to http://localhost would often take me to a site in Australia. Apparently its due to Bug 184433 – Internet Keywords triggered by “connection refused” errors (hostname not running server on requested port). Really looking forward for this one to be fixed! I’m still not sure why it ends up there as I don’t think I had keywords configured and I was running a server on localhost (although not necessarily on port 80) Thanks to Neil’s whats new in Firebird post for the link that led me to this.