Month: January 2004


Apologies if this website keeps disappearing – its been logged with my hosting company (who I won’t mention to save their blushes – they say its a known problem and hope to have it resolved soon. So try again 30 mins later if you find the website unavailable.

Fitness starts here….

As it most certainly does not end here! Yesterday I went to Aldi and purchased their cross trainer.(Cross 7) At £150 It is not the cheapest thing that Aldi sells but it is cheaper than the two of us joining the local gym at offpeak rates. After 2 hours of building the thing I was ready to switch on and give it a go. 5 minutes later the first cycle had finished and then there was a 1 minute cool down period whilst it measured your pulse rate. Whilst exercising my pulse was not more than 110 yet during the rest period it went up to 135 before going back down to about 120.It then gave me my fitness level on a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 being the worst. guess what mine was 😉


I discovered pubsub yesterday which sends an rss feed of search results to you, a bit like feedster does. Unfortunately feedster still insists on including my website when I search for absoblogginlutely but pubsub gave me 29 new results this morning, not one of them containing the word absoblogginlutely and most of them waffling on about new specs for RSS formats! Pubsub has gone from my aggregator.

How to change the file:// protocol application

Anyone have any ideas on how to change the application that is launched when the pointer is something like file://c:\temp\fred.html ? One of the desktops at work has Firebird installed as their browser and when we use teamcalendar in outlook, the web page opens in Firebird (which won’t work due to ocx problems). I need to open it in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer HAS been set as the default web browser, and http:// web pages come up in ie ok. file ones insist on launching in firebird. the file types option in Explorer doesn’t seem to handle the file:// option so I can’t work out what I need to change.