Wus install broke group policy – oops!

I installed Windows Update Services on a new server this morning (the old sus server did not have the free disk space or software requirements) and I edited group policy on my laptop to make my machine talk to the new server. However when I then tried to use group policy on the servers I got a “string is too long” when editing the policies. This is a known bug and is fixed by installing an update kb842933 (which needed a reboot)


  1. Dave

    You know, I just saw that error last night. Thanks for the link to the fix. Silly question, but this must be applied on all DCs right?

  2. Lordrich

    Heh, my fix for that one was to use an XP machine to edit group policy – it doesn’t seem to care about length. I wasn’t about to patch and reboot an already flaky server. It did all appear to work from a 2000 client – but was very annoying with that error message apearing several times.

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