wmp11 leaked

Apparently wmp11 has leaked and apparently uses less resources and is more stable. That is good news as I was attempting to rip a cd tonight in wmp10 and it insisted on showing me the cd that I had ripped previously instead of the one that was in the player, it stopped responding once and I had to kill the process – something I have to do nearly everytime I use the thing (but it is still better at ripping than creative music organizer which is a piece of junk (apart from the Zen integration which is why I use *that* piece of software – it would be nice if the auto detect of mp3 files would occur AFTER the mp3 has been completed and not before, when the mp3 tags haven’t been written to the disk yet.


  1. Neil T.

    I use Exact Audio Copy to rip CDs on Windows, since it does a more accurate job and uses the Lame encoder which is better than the one that comes with Windows.

    On a Mac I use iTunes-Lame, which lets you use the Lame encoder with iTunes.

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