Windows 2003 sp2 is now out

This is really weird – the news on this Windows 2003 service pack 2 has been really quiet – there has been very little coverage of the beta for this and then boom – it’s available on Windows Updates the day that Microsoft say they are not releasing any security patches! Hopefully your servers are not set to auto update and WSUS is not set to automatically approve (and download) service packs. However, if you have ie7 on the server then you won’t be able to install service pack 2 which is a really stupid requirement. I know there is the argument that you shouldn’t be surfing on a server, but you need a web browser for a lot of server based monitoring apps like Dell System monitor, Hp monitor, WSUS, Symantec antivirus etc so it would make sense to have the latest version on the server (especially as you can use tabs)
From the What’s new, it is interesting to see that there is a replacement tool for cacls, now icacls and also RIS has been replaced by Windows Deployment Services