Blackberry Blogging and other ways to waste time

I really should have taken today off and gone geocaching as the weather is absolutely wonderful today.instead I have 4 client sites to go to. I did manage to schedule a lunch break though and as it was so nice I had pizza in the park in downtown Columbus. Although it wasn’t very quiet it was relaxing. – thought I’d try a bit of blogging but I can’t remember which symbol is above which character on the keyboard so I can’t log in to my MovableType installation as my password contains the shift 5 character but the blackberry already has 5 as an alt key so there is no shift 5. I also have a similar problem when I hit a voicemail tree that asks me to spell the users name. As the bb doesn’t have the phone letter combination like a normal phone does, it is hard to spell a surname correctly when you are guessing which numbers to press.

On a unrelated note how many people does it take to paint a green line down the middle of the street in Columbus for Saturday? The answer is an incredibly tax wasting 9 (or 10) –

  • 3 police bike escorts (2 at the front and one at the back),
  • 1 poor painter bloke who has to walk miles on the hottest day of the year pushing a smelly green paint machine,
  • 1 bus driver (who knows what he was there for),
  • 1 paint truck in case he runs out of paint,
  • 1 truck to carry traffic cones
  • 1 person putting the cones in the middle of the road so people don’t drive on the green paint
  • 1 truck with flashing lights to warn people that they may shortly run over orange cones and get green paint on their tires
  • And I think there was another person running around to make sure the other 9 were still ok.

Aaaah the things you see during the lunch break (and the things you blog about!)