Webpages not opening….

Not sure whats going on, but for a few days I’ve found certain sites such as yahoo,google, blog.iloaf.com, ggsearch.blogspot.com and others not working. Pages just don’t load for some weird reason. Initially I put it down to the sites being hosted in america somewhere affected by the power cuts. However in ggsearch’s case I can lookup the ip address in dns, and then take the server ip address into a web page and get the main servers webpage ok. Yahoo seems to be behaving at the moment but there is no response from google, although i did eventually get the favicon.ico loaded but no page. The two sites that I need for banking over the net, Halifax Online and Royal Bank Of Scotland are also unavailable, although both these sites stop on a traceroute when the network gets to bt.net (quel suprise!)
Can anyone else get to blog.iloaf.com or ggsearch.blogspot.com


  1. Me

    Thanks Richy – i’ve logged a call with pipex so we’ll see how slowly they respond. Having said that I don’t think the problems on Pipex’s network – although I should get a response telling me that!

  2. david

    Can not open more than one web page as at a time right click on link and go to open in new window but alas no go, links in emails will not open either any idea

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