Vista Installation – pt1

Urgh – the installation process has been horrible so far. Makes me want to put the new version of Ubuntu on instead! Incidentally, their timing was awful – everyone has blogged about the Vista upgrade and hardly anyone blogged about their upgrade. Maybe they should have waited a couple of days and then brought it out with the advertising of “Frustrated with waiting for Vista? Can’t Install Vista? Try Ubuntu and you won’t have to pay for an upgrade in a year!”

Anyway, back on track – I tried to boot from the dvd but the installation hangs after the first swoosh goes across the screen, after the files have been copied, the lights on the keyboard light up briefly and then the whole pc hangs – no more keyboard action and the whole pc needs to be switched off.

So back into Windows I boot and I have to delete a partition on the hard disk as my 10gb xp partition that I was originally going to install over the top of is not big enough. Setup starts and says it can’t copy a setup file – I hit ok and it continues anyway. After entering my licence number and not updating the install from the internet I get the message “At least one device driver that might be required to start your system is not available. Devices with missing drivers: A347SCSI Controller and D34PRT SCSI Controller – Do you wish to ignore and continue?

I have no idea what those two devices are – (a quick google search tells me it is my daemon tools drivers – thanks to tech recipes) but the Vista Upgrader Advisor didn’t have any problems with them and curiously enough – I’ve read that a good way to assist in installing Vista is to mount the vista ISO with Daemon tools and run setup.

UpdateWell the install from within XP didn’t work either and actually wasted even more of my time – not including the time taken to juggle my partition sizes and create enough space for a clean install. The setup routine within windows asks for my product key, asks which partition I want to install to and starts to copy files to the hard disk. Eventually the pc reboots….and does exactly the same as the install process from dvd – the pc freezes at the swish thing down the bottom of the screen. I’ve tried to see if I can find any diagnostic logs or debugging process like the safe mode in XP but no joy so far. – Ubuntu is being downloaded right now.

Update 2 Upgraded the BIOS and the pc will not boot off Microsoft’s WinPE version 2.


  1. Ron

    If it were not for the fact that we use Microsoft Products at work, and occasionally I am afforded the opportunity to work from home, I would not even have Windows installed on my notebook.

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