Car Warranty companies seem to be a bunch of crooks.

After getting spam from one company – about 10 a day from different get rich quick places I received a phone call from another company today. They actually rang me last Friday night just as we were going out so I told them to ring back later and they rang today, in the middle of the working day and spent over 30 minutes waffling on through the script. Eventually I said I wasn’t going to purchase over the phone today, despite getting a 40% discount for this call only, free trip cover and a $30 gas card. She went to get her manager (this was just like the car showroom!) who proceeded to try and give me the smooth calming call. After explaining (again) that I wasn’t going to give my credit card details over the phone and I wanted to see the details before signing up, even though they could send me the forms and I could cancel within 30 days, they didn’t get the point. When he started again on the “If I could have your visa card for verification” I hung up on them as they were obviously not getting the point and I didn’t want to waste any more of my time or theirs. They tried to ring me back 2 more times but then I was busy trying to do some real work (which I had been doing whilst they were wittering on in my ear – thank heavens for headsets for phones.