Taxes are filed!

My taxes are finally filed and I’ve got about 3 times the refund that I got last year which is very nice. Most of this is due to the medical bills that Kristen had last year with her thyroid surgery. One neat trick that I didn’t know is that Giant Eagle can give you a list of prescriptions purchased through them – very useful for the medical bill section of the Tax form – naturally this only works if you get all of your prescriptions from the same place. However I also found out today that Anthem can also provide this information but for ALL prescriptions filled and also for all the co-pays and Dr visits etc. It’s a shame that the US doesn’t have a prescription pre-payment form – in the UK you could buy a certificate that would last a whole year – Kristen’s prescriptions (copays) were $735 last year!
I e-filed my federal taxes but used Ohio’s pdf file to efile (rather than pay Turbotax $18 to do it). I did have to open the pdf with Adobe Reader rather than my default foxitreader. I also found I had to run the pdf twice as the first time it wouldn’t recalculate the entries in the form for some reason.
Hopefully this year I won’t have to wait about 5 or 6 months to get my Ohio refund back like last year.