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Podcamp or WordCamp Ohio is next Saturday (June 19th)

I registered for PodcampOhio 3 months ago but for some reason it was not in my calendar so it’s a good job they reminded us about it on the blog.
It will be nice to take the dellmini with me next week instead of having to lug the normal laptop around. The only annoying thing is the mouse movement and smaller keyboard so I’ll have to type slower. I’m debating on loading OneNote onto the machine (restricting me to just one OS for the day or just using Onenote WebApp(but that assumes web access is always available)

If you’re going – don’t forget to say hello.

I guess I should have got my act together and submitted a session on “securely logging into your WordPress blog at conferences without needing an SSL certificate”. The most embarrassing thing is that I worked out how to do this last year before the conference and said my instructions were coming soon!

I’m going to PodCamp Ohio.

PodCamp Ohio, June 28, 2008 Mike Mcbride tipped me off about PodCamp Ohio – a free meet up in two weeks (6/28/08) for bloggers and podcasters. This is just down the road from me so I’m going to go. They are still in the planning stages but it sounds like it will be pretty good. Registration is requested so if you are planning to go then register and drop me a line. I’m going to try and get a tshirt made up pimping the blog, hopefully I’ll get a design done today and it’ll arrive by then.

Taxes are filed!

My taxes are finally filed and I’ve got about 3 times the refund that I got last year which is very nice. Most of this is due to the medical bills that Kristen had last year with her thyroid surgery. One neat trick that I didn’t know is that Giant Eagle can give you a list of prescriptions purchased through them – very useful for the medical bill section of the Tax form – naturally this only works if you get all of your prescriptions from the same place. However I also found out today that Anthem can also provide this information but for ALL prescriptions filled and also for all the co-pays and Dr visits etc. It’s a shame that the US doesn’t have a prescription pre-payment form – in the UK you could buy a certificate that would last a whole year – Kristen’s prescriptions (copays) were $735 last year!
I e-filed my federal taxes but used Ohio’s pdf file to efile (rather than pay Turbotax $18 to do it). I did have to open the pdf with Adobe Reader rather than my default foxitreader. I also found I had to run the pdf twice as the first time it wouldn’t recalculate the entries in the form for some reason.
Hopefully this year I won’t have to wait about 5 or 6 months to get my Ohio refund back like last year.