Mark emails unread in Lotus Notes

One of the things that annoyed me about Lotus Notes was the inability to easily mark emails as unread once opened. However today I accidentally found out that by pressing the Insert key this will toggle the read/unread state of the email. However, if you have a mixed state of read and unread mails, then all the mails turn to one state which will be the opposite state of the currently selected email.
I asked around in the office and nobody knew this trick – I discovered it by accident when trying to delete an email and I missed the key. The only downside to the trick is if you miss the insert button and hit delete instead – I am not responsible for any sudden outbursts of swearing if this happens!


  1. Dave Long

    Hi Andy,

    I have two little icons on my Lotus Notes toolbar… I think they were there to start. They look like a little piece of paper with a folder corner. There is a star in the centre of each. One of the pages is grey with a white star… the other is white with a red star. These mark emails as Read or Not Read. Hope this helps.

    Best Regards


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