Speaking of bloglines……

I still don’t get the benefit of using bloglines, but maybe that is because I’m using someone elses aggregation of feeds. If I look at Mikes main website I can see his clips on the right hand side – this is the first page I’m looking at.
If there is an item that looks interesting I click on it which takes me to the second page containing three links on the right hand side.
The first link, larger than the rest and in bold is actually a link to the current page that I’m on (and therefore rather pointless and confusing).
The second link has the same anchor text as the previous link but actually links to the post that Mike is referring to – this is the link that I need.
The third link points to the same place as the second link but contains the text “source blog” which again seems to be redundant as I know that from the second link.
When I click on either of the last two links it finally takes me through to the content – 2 pages after the initial link (and this is meant to make things easier to track?)

So, having whinged, what would I do to “fix” this?

  1. Loose the first titled link as it is just too confusing and redundant.
  2. Drop the third link or change the text so it gives the name of the blog/website that you are quoting (and possibly linking to the home page rather than the individual item).

Have I got all this right or am I missing something and overcomplicating things?


  1. Mike McBride

    I actually agree with you completely. It’s been my one beef with the clip blog the whole time. That being said, the ease with which I can point to things there makes it worthwhile to me, and I think they way they do that is by letting me post the feed item as it exists in Bloglines, rather than having to find the correct link and post that. What I might try though is to use the Bloglines Toolkit for Firefox extension and see if I can point to a link that’s at least somewhat more direct. I’ll have to try that out.

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